Capital coin is a decentralized, p2p currency that utilizes masternodes to create an ultra secure network.

CAP centres its values around the ideas of libertarianism and crypto anarchism. The core features added to the coin, have been included to rebel against the idea of big government, for example, zerocoin implementation to anonymize transactions and prevent tracking of your funds. In addition to this, using decentralization to reject statism, which concentrates power in the hands of a few government institutions.Ultimately, CAP values unregulated, free market capitalism as a means to determine the allocation of resources within a market.

The cryptocurrency space has grown significantly over the past 6 months. It used to only be attractive to a fringe group of anarcho capitalists, who realized early on, that blockchain could radically alter the system we live under today. However, we feel that the new influx of users into cryptocurrencies are not here for ideological reasons, but mainly as a means to make a quick buck. Capital Coin aims to change this, by bringing awareness to the masses on the benefits of blockchain.

Marketplace release countdown



Circulating Supply



60 seconds

Block Target

0.01 CAP/KB

Transaction Fee




Block Maturity



2 Hours

Min stake age


Masternode Collateral

80/20% split

Block Reward Distribution (MN/POS)


ROI Month 1-2


ROI Month 3-4


ROI Month 5-6


ROI Month 7-8


ROI Month 9-10


ROI Month 11-12


rpc port


p2p port


Testnet p2p port


Testnet rpc port


Core Features


It is one of the highest ROI coins available with 80% of block rewards going to node holders.

Swift Tx.

Transactions are made instantly without the need for confirmations.

Highly fungible

Coins are removed from transaction history before being spent. The result of this makes CAP impossible to counterfeit.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other high supply coins, Capital uses a pure PoS consensus, thus consumes very little electricity relative to PoW coins. This results in a much more environmentally sustainable model.

Low Inflation

Due to the bias in block rewards towards MN holders, returns are high and inflation is kept to a minimum.

Zerocoin Protocol

Transactions are made anonymously across the chain.


Every 87k blocks there will be a series of super blocks that reward stakers/node holders 1000%+ of typical blocks.


General FAQ

Can you mine CAP?

Capital uses a pure POS consensus, thus mining is not possible. The main reason for avoiding the inclusion of miners is because of how inefficient the Proof Of Work consensus is. The only way for the chain to function under POW is by miners solving increasingly complex, cryptographic hashes. There is a strong correlation between network adoption and hash rate, making it very difficult to ever scale Bitcoin sustainably to a point where it would become the main global means of exchange.
Currently, the electricity consumed from mining Bitcoin worldwide is enough to power every single home in Nigeria, a country that houses over 185 million people. If this continues over the long term, it will undoubtedly have catastrophic consequences for the environment.

How can I buy CAP?

50 nodes are being sold in the presale across 5 different stages. By default, whole nodes are being sold, but you can inquire to buy custom amounts of CAP. There are no discounts for bulk purchases.

  • 10 at 0.2BTC (SOLD)
  • 10 at 0.3BTC (SOLD)
  • 10 at 0.4BTC (SOLD)
  • 10 at 0.5BTC (SOLD)
  • 10 at 0.6BTC (SOLD)

The funds for this will be put forward towards exchange listings, marketing costs and future development.

What exchanges are planned for Capital Coin?

In the future, DEX’s will gain popularity as people look to avoid the heavily regulated KYC requirements that come with a normal exchange.
For this reason, the prime concern has been getting CAP listed to an upcoming DEX like CryptoBridge. On top of this, there are planned listings to Stocks.Exchange and Yobit. By listing to at least 3 mid-tier volume exchanges, we hope that interest and liquidity will increase slowly over time.

Masternode/ Staking

How can you earn passively with CAP?

You can gain CAP through staking the coins you have, or/and running a masternode.

How do I run a masternode?

Follow the guide here: Guide
Or simple shell script for vps: Script
If you are still having trouble PM a moderator on Discord or Telegram.

Is it possible to stake and run a masternode at the same time?

Any coins that are not locked into a node will automatically begin staking as long as your wallet is kept open and running on a PC 24/7.

What is the required amount of coins to run a masternode?


What is the ROI?

Blocks are split 80/20 between masternodes and staking. On the ANN calculations have been made, from rewards being split between 50 - 200 potential nodes on the network under each phase.
ROI will be at its highest on month 1-2, with an expected ROI of 2523%+.


What are superblocks?

Blocks with much higher than average rewards. For every 87000 normal blocks, there will be 100 superblocks with 1000%+ higher than average rewards.

Why is 50% of the CAP premine not in circulation?

Half of the premine from the genesis block is being dedicated to airdrop and bounty distribution.


Who is part of the team?

Capital Coin is made up of 3 developers. We feel that for a privacy based coin like the one that’s been made and being developed, anonymity is important.